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Commercial or Residential Window Film Adds Privacy, Style

Sign Artist installed privacy film in a lawyer’s downtown suite and in an architect’s sleek ranch near Chicagoland’s Lake Michigan shore, in Highland Park, Illinois.  Whether for commercial or residential application, hi-tech adhesive privacy film is one of Sign Artist’s fabrication and install specialties. Many clients choose the subtle glow of a frosted crystal film. Sign Artist die-cuts logos and designs into the film, as requested. Also shown here is a ruled privacy film, that adds a sophisticated architectural flourish. The fine-ruled film shown here, covered windows on a lawyer’s office door, on an exterior door that led to a rooftop, and also a utilities storage closet door in a conference room.

Privacy film installation is a delicate procedure, and uses a wet-install technique. The film takes several days to cure.

Interested in installing privacy film on an interior or exterior window? Give Ed a call at 630-815-5473 to discuss the possibilities.


Etched Window Film

Etched Window Film for Style and Privacy

Frosted Crystal from 3M and Sign Artist Looks Like High-End Etching

University of Illinois at Chicago Student Accounts Receivable Office

When the UIC Student Accounts office needed customized etched window film, both they and Name On Anything promotional products contacted Sign Artist Inc. 3M frosted crystal film looks like a quality etched window at a fraction of the cost. The etched glass effect may cover an entire window, or it can be computer-cut for logos, patterns or lettering. Sign specialists will work with you to design your image and prepare for your project. We can perform an installation in a reasonable time period and with minimal lead time. Contact us to learn how these versatile films add a special touch or create a private space for situations such as medical consultations and other professional services. They are available in other patterns and colors!