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Commercial or Residential Window Film Adds Privacy, Style

Sign Artist installed privacy film in a lawyer’s downtown suite and in an architect’s sleek ranch near Chicagoland’s Lake Michigan shore, in Highland Park, Illinois.  Whether for commercial or residential application, hi-tech adhesive privacy film is one of Sign Artist’s fabrication and install specialties. Many clients choose the subtle glow of a frosted crystal film. Sign Artist die-cuts logos and designs into the film, as requested. Also shown here is a ruled privacy film, that adds a sophisticated architectural flourish. The fine-ruled film shown here, covered windows on a lawyer’s office door, on an exterior door that led to a rooftop, and also a utilities storage closet door in a conference room.

Privacy film installation is a delicate procedure, and uses a wet-install technique. The film takes several days to cure.

Interested in installing privacy film on an interior or exterior window? Give Ed a call at 630-815-5473 to discuss the possibilities.